Advantages of living in Canada

Canada is a unique country. This vast country is the second largest country in terms of area in the world. However, it has a very small population compared to its size, and this is the reason for the low population density, and as a result, there is access to more facilities and resources for each person in this country, and this is one of the most positive aspects of living in this country. According to statistics, the life expectancy in this country is 81 years and more than 67% of the people of this country trust the government. On average, every Canadian works only 1702 hours a year and more than 80% of the people of this country admit that the good and positive moments of their life are more than the negative moments. Also, this country has free health insurance and one of the most valid passports in the world.

A corner of Canada’s social laws: freedom of speech is completely governed by this country, all people are equal before the law, and of course it must be said that this country has one of the lowest crime rates among other countries. It is said from the Canadian Citizen Rights Guide: Canadian society considers women equal to men. In many societies, especially in family relationships, women’s position is assumed to be lower than men. Canadian society considers women to be men’s partners in the family, the world of work and in social life. These changes in Canadian society have recently taken place and Canadians are trying to make women’s gender equality a reality in all aspects of society. Men should get used to these values and learn how to see women as human beings equal to men.

Tourist and natural attractions of Canada: One of the most important and famous natural attractions of this country is Niagara Falls, which is 150 kilometers from the center of Toronto. It is very beautiful, many lakes, very beautiful pine forests, and of course, because of the sea borders in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, it has very beautiful and pleasant beaches, but at the same time, despite the natural and pristine texture in various parts of this country. , the cities and life centers in it are extremely modern and advanced, so that the latest technologies are used for the development of cities, and due to the high purchasing power of the people, as well as the availability of suitable jobs and low inflation, most of the people go to these cities. They have access to technologies and big houses, and they experience a peaceful life with the people of other nations. Regarding the education situation, it should be noted that this country has the most prestigious higher education centers and the degrees of these centers are also approved by many of the country. other places are located so that every student chooses his future job before the end of his studies and knows very well what kind of horizon he is going to envision for himself, and it is worth mentioning that Canada is one of the ten It is the best country in terms of educational system and the validity of university degrees. 

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