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Updated August 6, 2009 - The weather station and house move to Littleton, Colorado is complete. This website been generally modified to reflect our new location in the Northeast area of Littleton, CO. There will some additional enhancements and addtions coming soon. At this time, there is no webcam for Littleton, please enjoy the webcam view from EstesParkWeather.net at this time.

Thursday 7/30/2009 -- Weather Station taken down in Parker.


This website was primarly created as a public service for residents of Littleton, Colorado and Vicinity.
This weather station is privately owned and operated, is not affiliated with the City of Littleton, Colorado. and should not be considered an officially recognized station for weather.

Personal Devotion

The gifts given to me to create this website have come from Almighty God. This website was created for the Greater Glory of God (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam !). Specifically a devotion to The Divine Child Jesus (image appearing on upper right hand corner). The patron saint of the webmaster is St. Alphonsus Liguori :
"My Jesus, Thou alone art sufficient for me.  MY love, do not permit me to separate myself from Thee.  When shall I be able to say, 'My God, I cannot lose thee any more?' "

Links to some excellent Catholic Websites:

www.ewtn.com (Great overall resource)
www.catholic.com - Catholic Answers.
www.olamshrine.com - Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.
www.gregorytruta.com - Pictures from the Shrine of the most Blessed Sacrament during our visit.


As of August 2009, our family moved to Littleton, Colorado and I have moved my weather station to this location as well. I have kept the historical data from my 3.5 years of living in the Pinery in Parker, CO on this website.

Prior to this, this website previously operated as Greg's Broomfield, Colorado Weather (www.broomfieldweather.com). I have changed the design, & format, and how the data is displayed but the weather station and location is the same. Click here to see a screen shot of my former weather website design.

Weather Data

The data you see on ExceptionalWeather.com's website is primarly fed from a personal weather station at our home utilizing high quality weather instruments, as well as other data sources, including the National Weather Service to provide local, accurate, and timely weather conditions for the greater Littleton, Colorado Area. I hope you enjoy using this website and welcome any comments, suggestions.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me:

Or use my online contact form at Gregorytruta.com.

Press / Articles

New York Times article about Personal Weather Stations and the positive impact they are having on forecasting weather. I, Gregory Truta, was highlighted in the article that appeared in the New York Times in December of 2004.

Weather Equipment
Main Weather Station unit is a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus with UV & Solar Radiation Sensors.

- Mounted 5 feet above ground, and in open area on our .50 acre lot for accurate temperature readings

Main Weather Station Unit Picture Parker, Colorado Weather Station

Anenometer - part of the Vantage Pro II, mounted high above our house in Parker, Colorado, free of trees and other structures. Below the Anenometer is a Stardot Netcam webcam.

- The NetCam webcam is a ruggedized high quality digital camera and small computer that transmits to ExceptionalWeather, via a CAT5e Network cable, images of outdoor weather conditions. It is housed in a rugged outdoor camera enclosure.

Anenometer for Parker, Colorado Weather Station - Davis Vantage Pro


Station affiliations

Weather data published to:,
Weather Underground, Citizen Weather Observer Program, WeatherForYou, AnythingWeather.com

Member of: Weather-Matrix, Weather-Watch.com

Quote from the patron saint of the webmaster, St. Alphonsus Liguori :
"My Jesus, Thou alone art sufficient for me.  MY love, do not permit me to separate myself from Thee.  When shall I be able to say, 'My God, I cannot lose thee any more?' "

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